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Top Graphic Design Trends 2024

Updated: Feb 5

Tampa, Florida

Top Graphic Design Trends 2024
Top Graphic Design Trends 2024

The year 2024 is here, and with it comes a new wave of graphic design trends that will shape the visual landscape of the future. From AI-enhanced design practices to retro pixels, from inclusive visuals to experimental typography, these trends reflect the changing needs, preferences, and expectations of the audience, as well as the creative potential of the designers.

In this article, we will explore 10 graphic design trends that will dominate 2024, and show you some inspiring examples of how they are used in various fields and contexts.

1. AI-Enhanced Design Practices

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a threat to the creative industry, but rather a powerful ally that can augment and enhance the design process. AI can help designers with tasks such as generating ideas, choosing colors, creating variations, resizing and recomposing images, and more. AI can also provide inspiration, feedback, and suggestions, based on the designer’s intent and the audience’s preferences.

AI tools such as Adobe Sensei1, Designs.ai2, and Venngage’s AI Infographic Generator3 are examples of how AI can streamline the workflow and unleash the creativity of the designers. AI can also create stunning visuals that are impossible or difficult to achieve by human hands, such as realistic portraits, surreal landscapes, and abstract patterns.

2. Retro Pixels

Pixel art, the style of creating images with small squares of color, is making a comeback in 2024, bringing a dose of nostalgia and fun to the design scene. Pixel art is often associated with the video games and digital art of the 80s and 90s, but it can also be used to create modern and innovative designs, such as logos, icons, illustrations, animations, and more.

Pixel art can evoke a sense of nostalgia, nostalgia, and playfulness, as well as a retro-futuristic vibe. Pixel art can also be combined with other styles and elements, such as gradients, textures, typography, and 3D effects, to create contrast and interest.

3. Inclusive Visuals

In 2024, diversity and inclusion are not only social values, but also design values. Designers are more aware and conscious of the need to represent and celebrate the diversity of people, cultures, identities, and perspectives, in their visuals. Inclusive visuals are those that reflect the reality and richness of the world, and that resonate with a wide and diverse audience.

Inclusive visuals can be achieved by using diverse and authentic images, illustrations, and icons, that showcase different genders, races, ethnicities, ages, abilities, orientations, and expressions. Inclusive visuals can also be achieved by using diverse and accessible typography, colors, and layouts, that are easy to read and understand by everyone.

4. Experimental Typography

Typography is one of the most essential and expressive elements of graphic design, and in 2024, it is also one of the most experimental and adventurous ones. Designers are not afraid to break the rules and conventions of typography, and to explore new and unconventional ways of creating and using fonts, letters, and words.

Experimental typography can involve manipulating the shape, size, orientation, color, texture, and arrangement of the letters, as well as combining them with other elements, such as images, icons, shapes, and effects. Experimental typography can also involve creating custom and unique fonts, that reflect the personality and message of the design.

5. Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking, the art of creating and decorating albums with photos, stickers, cutouts, and other memorabilia, is another nostalgic trend that is making a comeback in 2024, but this time, in a digital and graphic form. Scrapbooking is a way of creating personal and meaningful designs, that capture and preserve memories, stories, and emotions.

Scrapbooking can be used to create collages, posters, flyers, invitations, cards, and more, that have a cozy and handmade feel. Scrapbooking can also be used to create mood boards, portfolios, resumes, and presentations, that have a personal and creative touch. Scrapbooking can involve using various elements, such as photos, illustrations, icons, stickers, stamps, tapes, ribbons, fonts, and textures, to create a collage-like effect.

6. Heatmapping

Heatmapping, the technique of using colors to represent data values, is a trend that is gaining popularity in 2024, especially in the fields of data visualization and infographics. Heatmapping is a way of creating visually appealing and informative designs, that convey complex and large amounts of data in a simple and intuitive way.

Heatmapping can be used to create maps, charts, graphs, tables, and more, that use different shades and gradients of colors, to show the distribution, density, intensity, and variation of the data. Heatmapping can also be used to create artistic and abstract designs, that use colors to create patterns, shapes, and effects.

7. Maximalism

Maximalism, the style of using many and varied elements in a design, is the opposite of minimalism, and it is one of the most prominent trends in 2024. Maximalism is a way of creating bold and expressive designs, that catch the attention and stimulate the senses of the audience. Maximalism is also a way of showing the personality and uniqueness of the designer, as well as the message and purpose of the design.

Maximalism can involve using many and varied colors, fonts, shapes, images, icons, textures, and effects, in a design, and arranging them in a dense and dynamic way. Maximalism can also involve using contrast, repetition, asymmetry, and chaos, to create tension and interest in the design.

8. High Contrast and Bold Typography

High contrast and bold typography, the style of using fonts that have a strong and striking appearance, is another trend that is dominating the design scene in 2024. High contrast and bold typography is a way of creating impactful and memorable designs, that convey a clear and confident message to the audience. High contrast and bold typography is also a way of creating hierarchy and emphasis in the design, as well as attracting and directing the attention of the audience.

High contrast and bold typography can involve using fonts that have a high weight, width, or size, as well as fonts that have a high contrast between the thick and thin strokes. High contrast and bold typography can also involve using fonts that have a high contrast with the background, such as black and white, or complementary colors.

9. Accessible Color Combinations

Accessible color combinations, the style of using colors that are easy to see and distinguish by everyone, including people with visual impairments, is a trend that is becoming more important and prevalent in 2024. Accessible color combinations are a way of creating inclusive and user-friendly designs, that cater to the needs and preferences of a diverse and wide audience. Accessible color combinations are also a way of creating clear and legible designs, that enhance the readability and comprehension of the content.

Accessible color combinations can be achieved by using colors that have a high contrast ratio, such as dark and light colors, or colors that are far apart on the color wheel, such as complementary colors. Accessible color combinations can also be achieved by using colors that are not too bright or too dull, and that do not cause eye strain or fatigue.

10. Nature-Inspired Aesthetics

Nature-inspired aesthetics, the style of using elements that are inspired by or derived from nature, such as colors, shapes, textures, and patterns, is a trend that is growing in popularity and relevance in 2024. Nature-inspired aesthetics are a way of creating organic and harmonious designs, that evoke a sense of calmness and wellness in the audience. Nature-inspired aesthetics are also a way of creating sustainable and eco-friendly designs, that reflect the values and concerns of the society and the environment.

Nature-inspired aesthetics can involve using colors that are inspired by or derived from nature, such as greens, blues, browns, and yellows. Nature-inspired aesthetics can also involve using shapes, textures, and patterns that are inspired by or derived from nature, such as leaves, flowers, waves, and wood.

I hope you enjoyed this article on the newest graphic design trends of 2024, and that you found some inspiration and ideas for your own designs. Which trend is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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